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saturn return, a/w 23
with 16 looks, we built a labyrinth out of dirt, walked it in mass meditation, we gathered the corners of the cloth, destroying what we had created together, the charged earth an offering to those who witnessed
St Marks Church in the Bowery, February 2023
LABYRINTH: Lindsa Vallee, LOOKBOOK PHOTO: Phi Vu, RUNWAY PHOTO: Isobel Rae, ATMOSPHERE PHOTO: Christian DeFonte, VIDEO: Leon Hernandez, VIDEO: Ze Santiago, MAKEUP: Bunny and Niagara Lampert, HAIR: Nathan Juergensen, PRODUCTION: OJERAS
press: NATIVE AGENTS (Cynthia Leung & Kellian Delice)

saturn return a/w 23
petite mort s/s 24
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